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Our team consist of experts in residential renovations and

can help you with projects such as:

• Opening or removing a load-bearing wall

• Adding on extension to a building

• Relocating of a staircase

• Openings for patio doors, lightwells or new windows

• Adding an additional floor

• Foundation work (repairs sub-work, etc.)

• Adding or repairing a new balcony


And more!


We take care of your project from start to finish. Our services include:

- Load calculation and designing of structural elements

- Plans and specifications for construction permits

- Structural inspection reports

- Consulting and expertise services



Do you want to construct a new building or make modifications that involve municipal sewer systems or water lines? Do you need a drainage or water retention plan in order to get your construction permit? Our team of civil engineering experts can help you!



- Drainage plans and specifications

- Landscaping or new parking design

- Water retention systems

- Municipal services

- Inspection reports

- Consulting and expertise services


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